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Experience so far with Leased Tucson FC
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Author:  FCVleaser [ Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Experience so far with Leased Tucson FC

Terry, most of the information comes to us from a couple of different sources. Hyundai Concierge is a main one as they send out updates to the Leasers, including the information that Newport Beach 700 fill won't be back up until September due to months and months of waiting for a part to come in for a repair. Some of it is from CAfcp's site, but that still isn't totally accurate. Some of it is from other Leasers who contact the contractor putting in the station, drive by a site to confirm that construction is actually happening, let other leasers know when a station is offline etc.

Our more recent source is a person within the California government who is in charge of securing the station permits and development and Tyson appears to be far more willing to communicate with us about the current and future plans. We are working with his department to try and set up regular station development updates and are also communicating the frustrations of the Leasers right now. So things may be turning towards a positive way again!!

Thanks for the heads up about the Orange station, it was indeed the address for another station above it and is fixed now :)

Author:  Terry [ Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Experience so far with Leased Tucson FC

FCVleaser - thanks for the added information; sounds like you have some useful connections. I hope your information on the Fountain Valley station reopening soon turns out to be accurate - it would be nice not to have to drive to Torrance.

Author:  hpx [ Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Experience so far with Leased Tucson FC

FCVleaser wrote:
Ciao Alberto,
I can only speak for the situation in California but it has actually gotten worse. Of the six stations now open to consumers, three are down for months for repair, upgrade, lack of funds and so on. None of the open ones are near enough to us to be worth the drive to fuel so we won't be driving it for awhile. On a different note, we don't even have our Tucson right now anyway as it had a problem in the fuel stack and Hyundai has had it in for repair for a month with no news on when we will get it back. Other leasers are having theirs gone for 3-4 weeks just for maintenance and only sometimes get the loaner car we were promised when leasing. So after a year it is getting harder to stay positive even though we still believe in the technology. There are some people so upset they are considering returning the vehicle to Hyundai. Although there are more stations being built, the ratio of stations to fuelers will remain constant with more and more FCEVs hitting the roads.

We used to pretty much just fuel up when at the airport anyway and didn't make many drives just to fuel, but with that station down and the one being built near us not up until September, we have been making more fueling only trips.

Ciao FCVleaser thanks for the reply, but Hyundai what says for all these disruptions ? And what did they tell you for stop your Tucson? if Hyundai wants to spread the technology fcv and have succes, now that comes the Mirai and soon also the Honda fcv, they should follow much more the customers.

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