Hyundai announces Tucson Fuel Cells have driven distance to moon

Hyundai has announced the the 60 Tucson fuel cell vehicles on the roads in Southern California have accumulated more than 238,900 miles since the vehicle was first launched in the US in June 2014.

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“Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell drivers have surpassed an impressive threshold, recently accumulating more than 238,900 miles on the roads of Southern California, all while emitting only clean water vapor. The average distance from the earth to the moon varies with the lunar orbit, with 238,900 miles as an average estimated distance. Hyundai has delivered more than 60 Tucson Fuel Cells since its introduction as the first mass-produced fuel cell in the U.S. market in June 2014.”

Mike O-Brien, vice president of corporate and product planning for Hyundai North America said that surpassing a threshold of 60 vehicles and 200,000+ miles “gives us a glimpse into the unlimited zero-emissions potential for Hyundai fuel cells. If a small fleet of hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles can accumulate this kind of mileage in just a few short months, one can only imagine the potential for a zero-emissions hydrogen vehicle future.”

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